We sent our first team to China in 1982 and we have the privilege of presently serving on more than 40 vibrant university campuses across the country. Over the last three decades hundreds of thousands of China’s most gifted and promising students have come through our classrooms before taking influential positions in virtually every walk of life. China is a country with a long and rich history, and it is unlikely that any other single country is destined to have such sweeping global influence in the 21st century. Your passion to serve the Chinese people and bring them excellence in the English language will provide the rewarding opportunity of investing in this extremely motivated and gifted generation of university students, faculty, and national teachers of English.

We currently have more than 250 adults and 100 children living in China year-round, spread across 48 campuses in 18 provinces, major municipalities and Special Autonomous Regions. An additional 120 participants serve in our summer programs in China. Though we do not require any level of Chinese language fluency to serve with us, we do encourage all of our longer-term teachers and staff to become proficient in Mandarin. Because of this we have our own highly regarded Chinese Language Program on the campus of Northeast Normal University in Changchun, Jilin Province. Newer opportunities that can be explored more fully at the University Teaching Program portion of our website include teaching Spanish on university campuses, teaching both English and content classes in elementary and high schools, and teaching content classes at the university level. In addition to these and the five main programs outlined below, we have numerous other initiatives across China including Teacher Training Centers and community based Educational Assistance Programs.

We presently offer three programs in China that are a perfect fit for those aged 50+:

University Teaching Program (university graduates through age 60).
Summer Teaching Program (university graduates through age 65; some current university majors).
Center for Executive Leadership Lecture Series (1-2 week lectures by industry experts in certain disciplines).

We also offer these additional programs in China:

Teaching Fellowship Program (university graduates through age 25).
Engage Program (current university students).